The Benefits of Video Storyboarding

Before production on our latest short film, “The Get Together”, Michael and I created our very first “video storyboard” to help us prepare for the shoot. We’d never done anything like it before, but the process of creating it was so instrumental to the success of our film that we thought we’d share some of the benefits of creating one.

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5 Things to Know About “The Get Together”

If you haven’t heard, our new short film, “The Get Together,” releases tomorrow morning. Whaaaaaat?! Crazy, right? Well, before you watch it (and tell all your friends to do the same), we wanted to give you a heads up about five things…

1. Introverts will relate to it

The main emotion we tried to capture in the short is that of an introvert who feels alone at a party he can’t escape. All our main character wants is to hide away in his room until the crowd goes home for the night. But when our hero is forced to socialize, he comes to learn that he’s not the only one who feels out of place. If you are someone (or knows someone) who hates going out, we think the film will strike a chord with you.

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