The Art of Boredom

This past weekend, my roommates left town and my girlfriend was busy working. The sky was overcast (perfect light!) and I was slowly sinking into boredom. So, I dug out my Canon T2i camera and thought about what I could shoot. But I wasn’t getting anywhere fast.

Suddenly, I remembered a tip that Michael and I often times recommend young filmmakers but had forgotten to implement myself…

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5 Reasons Writing Daily Will Make You a Better Person

Until recently, I’ve never really thought of myself as “writer.” It’s always felt like a chore more than a thrill. Regardless, it’s become a huge part of my career. Of my average workday, about 75-80% involves writing in some form – screenplays, emails, blog articles, or shownotes for our podcast.

You may not spend quite that much time writing, but I’d bet if you really think about it, you do more writing than you realize. Most of our communication involves writing in some way, even texting our friends or posting a caption on Snapchat or Instagram. Of course, there’s a big distinction between this basic communication (texting, emails, social media) and the practice of sitting down specifically to put our stories or ideas onto a blank page.

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