The Final Countdown

Last week, we shared the complete timeline for the creation and release of Believe Me. If you got to look through it, you may have noticed one future date on the timeline: Tuesday, March 3 – the official release of the Believe Me DVD and Blu-Ray in retailers nationwide.

Walmart, Amazon, Target

This countdown to Tuesday is a big deal for us. Partly, because it’s the last big hurdle in releasing our film, but also because no Riot Studios project has ever been available to such a big audience. In addition to every major digital platform, people across the country will be able to get the DVD at Wal-Mart, Target, and Amazon. Maybe you still watch DVD’s. Maybe not. Either way, we hope you’ll consider helping us get the word out. We want to blow this thing up, and we plan on making it fun for everyone.

Join the Party

Support us this week by posting about the countdown. Ask your friends to keep track of the countdown clock  on the Believe Me website. Then, most importantly, come out next week and purchase a DVD at Wal-Mart or from Amazon. When you do, take a picture or video with your new copy of Believe Me and post it online with #believemefilm. Every day, we’ll choose our favorite posts and reward them with FREE Riot stuff and possibly even a shout-out from the Believe Me cast and crew in a special video.

No Riot Studios project has ever been available to such a big audience.

A strong start with our DVD release could open up a lot of doors not only for Believe Me, but with our future films. Thanks for being part of the journey. We couldn’t do it without you.