Why Christian Movies Are Like Horror Films

Yes, today is Halloween – the day you can feel festive about type two diabetes and scary movies. In honor of October 31, I thought it’d be nice to write something about scary movies. But to be honest, I’m not much of a horror film buff (feel free to recommend your favorites to me in the comments). Even though I haven’t seen that many scary movies, I am fascinated by their unique place in cinema.

Among other things, they have ultra-specific genre tropes and a passionately loyal fanbase. Funny enough, the only other genre that shares the unique qualities of horror films is probably the one you’d least expect…

Faith-based films.

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Enjoy the Race, Not Just the Finish Line

When you produce movies for a living, there are a number of sexy moments, many of which we’ve just lived through with the release of Believe Me: parties with actors and investors, interviews with nationwide press, red carpet premieres, Q&A sessions with big crowds. All of these occasions are important milestones that have both celebrated and rewarded much hard work. What many forget or fail to realize is that these moments comprise maybe 0.01% of the total time spent on the project. And, the other 99.99% is very unsexy.

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