18: Year in Review and What’s Ahead

Year in Review and What's Ahead

This week’s episode is short and sweet, and worth the listen. We recap our favorite projects from the past year and give a sneak peek of what’s ahead for us.

Things We’ve Done (2:50)

We recount all the things we (and our interns) created and released in the past year…

  • Wrote Two Screenplays
  • Wrote a Treatment for a third Feature Film
  • Wrote a TV series pitch
  • Released our short film, The Get Together
  • Wrote and produced a case study about the short film
  • Wrote and Published a book, The Break In
  • Wrote 16¬†Blogs
  • Produced 18 Podcasts
  • Built a New Website

Favorites of 2016 (5:25)

Michael names “Three Types of Conflict in Stories” as his favorite blog of 2016 and “Episode 10: How to Finish Your Overdue Project” as his favorite podcast episode. Will recalls “The Best Reasons to Quit” and “Episode 4: An¬†Interview with Greg Kwedar” as his favorites.

To tell us what your favorite (and least favorite) Riot Studios releases were, be sure to check out riotstudios.com/reportcard.

What’s Next for Riot (12:05)

As mentioned, we’ve recently created three feature film concepts, two of which have finished scripts. We’re pretty dead set on shooting one of these in 2017. To follow updates on our films, make sure you’re subscribed here.

This also marks our final episode before a hiatus on the podcast. We hope to return after a few weeks with a fresh vision for the show and other new content from Riot. Thanks for your support!