16: You’re Doing Too Much

This week is a big first on the Riot Studios Podcast. We’re recording LIVE, completely unedited, with video streaming on Facebook. Check out the video below.

NOTE: We messed up the sound settings for the video stream, so the audio quality isn’t great. For HQ sound, listen to the actual podcast in the player above.

This week, we’re coming off of last week’s emotional roller coaster of an episode, where we talked about giving up (amongst other things). This week, we discuss multi-tasking, and why it’s usually a bad idea.

Thanks for Being Awesome

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Multi-Tasking is Multi-Taxing

Multi-tasking can seem like a good idea initially, but ultimately causes more stress and less productivity. We know this because a PhD said so. We talk about why creatives like to multi-task but also how it slows productivity.

Scheduling Breaks

It’s hard to set up regular breaks in your work life. We debate whether it’s better to take long, occassional breaks or short, frequent breaks. We also talk about the crash that comes after a long season of hard work.

Filling Up

It’s important for artists to “fill up” in between creative spurts. You can’t always be creating. You need to leave space between creation to be inspired by the people and places around you. Otherwise, you run dry and lose the passion that drove you to want to create in the first place.