15: When You Feel Like Giving Up

On today’s episode, we go off script to talk about the creative process. We discuss the difficulties of chasing our dreams, knowing when enough is enough, and how to persevere through the difficult times. This should be SUPER relatable to anyone pursuing their passion and sometimes feeling alone in it all. We highly recommend this episode for a rainy day.

Passion and Delusion (4:05)

We’re about to release a book! But with the completion of any new project, it’s easy to reach the finish line and wonder if it was all worth it. We discuss how easy it is for us to think “this is going to be the thing that breaks us out,” and how fast the reality arrives that it’s not.

Critics (8:25)

Will tells the story of the day Believe Me came out and the moment we thought we blew it. He discusses the mixed emotions of feeling like a failure amidst the praise of accomplishment. We talk about knowing when something is good or not and how can you really tell?

Hanging up the cape (12:40)

We talk about getting older(ish), and at what age should we give up and get real jobs. Michael talks about nearing 30 years of age and how making movies just doesn’t feel as cool as it did when he was 20.

Making Christian films (17:13)

Will discusses his feelings around making Believe Me and the difference between making a big impact versus a small impact through art. We both discuss wanting to be used by God in big ways but how often times it’s the small ways that shape us most.

The Point of Business (20:23)

Michael mentions that he doesn’t care how successful he is, necessarily, he just wants to be successful enough to pay the bills. Will brings up an anecdote from one of Michael’s business professors about the point of business. Will asks listeners “can you do anything else?”

No One Cares (26:35)

A lot of people don’t care much for movies. We talk about keeping a healthy perspective on our jobs and how making movies does not define who we are as people.

Thankfulness (28:52)

If you’re a filmmaker or a musician, be thankful that you at least have a platform that is (somewhat) sustainable. Even if you make something and only get a dozen listeners, that’s still a dozen people who are giving their time and attention to YOU. Value and be appreciative of that.

Reaching Out (32:20)

Michael discusses the importance of encouraging other artists and how much it can impact them. Will quotes Anne Lamott who says that “the most powerful sermon in the world is two words: “Me too”.

The Last Word (35:40)

Michael warns listeners who are trying to pursue art for the sake of popularity. We discuss knowing when you’re in the game for the right reasons and even validate those who decide to quit.

Our book goes on sale Monday (12/12)! When it does, be sure to pick up your copy at RiotStudios.com/book. Thank you for your support over the past year while we have been writing. We’re excited to share the lessons we learned starting out and hope it blesses your journey as a filmmaker.