14: The Break In – Audiobook Sample

The Break In

This week on the podcast, we’re doing things a little differently. In preparation for the release of our new book, The Break In, we’re giving you a sneak preview of our audiobook. We read Chapter 2 from the book, titled “Hatching a Plan.” It chronicles the story of how we got our first feature-length documentary off the ground.

We were 19-year-old punks in a terrible emo band when we came up with an idea that changed our lives forever.

As we go through our story, we also pull out some really helpful tips on these topics:

  • Coming up with good movie ideas
  • Casting your film
  • Choosing your equipment
  • Setting your budget
  • 7 crucial tips for fundraising

If you enjoy the chapter, be sure to get your copy of the full audiobook, ebook, or hardcover of The Break In.