16: You’re Doing Too Much

This week is a big first on the Riot Studios Podcast. We’re recording LIVE, completely unedited, with video streaming on Facebook. Check out the video below.

NOTE: We messed up the sound settings for the video stream, so the audio quality isn’t great. For HQ sound, listen to the actual podcast in the player above.

This week, we’re coming off of last week’s emotional roller coaster of an episode, where we talked about giving up (amongst other things). This week, we discuss multi-tasking, and why it’s usually a bad idea.

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15: When You Feel Like Giving Up

On today’s episode, we go off script to talk about the creative process. We discuss the difficulties of chasing our dreams, knowing when enough is enough, and how to persevere through the difficult times. This should be SUPER relatable to anyone pursuing their passion and sometimes feeling alone in it all. We highly recommend this episode for a rainy day.

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14: The Break In – Audiobook Sample

This week on the podcast, we’re doing things a little differently. In preparation for the release of our new book, The Break In, we’re giving you a sneak preview of our audiobook. We read Chapter 2 from the book, titled “Hatching a Plan.” It chronicles the story of how we got our first feature-length documentary off the ground.

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13: 7 Skills Every Creative Should Learn

In this week’s episode, we discuss seven different skills that every creative should familiarize themselves with in order to master their craft. We discuss some of the lessons we learned starting out in the film industry and the types of skills we forced ourselves to learn that would eventually help us create what Riot Studios is today.

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12: How to Be an Actor

This episode is for anyone who has aspired to become an actor. Maybe you’re a casual dreamer who’s occasionally considered auditioning for a local play. Maybe you’re a seriously trained actor in Hollywood working hard to break in. Either way, this episode will have something for you, from the perspective of a couple guys who are usually on the other side of the audition table.

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11: How to Find Better Clients And Make More Money

Most of the time on the podcast, we focus on how to pursue artistic, self-started ventures. But, we know that another big part of most artists’ careers involves client work – or – services you provide for someone else in exchange for money, promotion, or other direct benefits.

In this episode, we’ll talk about some of the most important aspects int the relationship between clients and creatives, including how both can make and/or save money. We break our tips down into expectations, payment, and process.

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