Why the heck would we write a book?

When we first started making movies together, we were broke college kids with no connections or experience. Fast forward five years, and we were casting a million dollar movie with well-known Hollywood stars.

We wrote The Break In to share all the most valuable lessons (and hilarious stories) from our experience that will help you launch your own career.

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Learn Every Step of the Filmmaking Process

Using our story as a real-world example, we share practical, step-by-step instruction on how to make a movie and share it with the world:

Chapter 1 Film school, learning outside the classroom
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 Production essentials: sound, framing, camera moves, lighting
Chapter 4 Storytelling, writing a screenplay
Chapter 5 Post production, editing, music rights
Chapter 6 Film festivals, setting up a red carpet premiere
Chapter 7 Choosing your team, working with higher budgets
Chapter 8 Directing, producing, keys to a great story
Chapter 9 Production design, running a set, reshoots
Chapter 10 Distribution: Theatrical, Digital, Bluray, foreign
Chapter 11 Pitching your project, being good in a room
Chapter 12 Self-distribution, marketing your film, keys to a great event
Chapter 13 Working with investors, finding an audience, getting a “big break”
Chapter 14 Overcoming obstacles, keeping the right perspective

Learn How to Tell a Great Story (Now)

Don’t wait for Hollywood’s approval to get ahead of the pack. Learn to write, direct, and produce movies on a low (or no) budget. The Break In will teach you all the basics in storytelling and production so you can make movies that launch your career.


Get the 4-1-1 on Distribution

Even after you make a movie, you’ll have to face the confusing world of distribution. With years of experience under our belts, we’ll walk you through every major facet or modern film distribution, so you can get your movie out to the world.


Raise the Money You Need

The Break In covers every form of film fundraising, from donations to crowdfunding to pitching investors. Learn everything you need to know to get your project off the ground.

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Find Your Audience

There are thousands of people out there waiting to become your biggest fans. Learn how to find them. We’ll uncover the secrets behind our screening tour model that carved out a dedicated, nationwide audience.

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