The Complete Timeline of Creating Believe Me

The Complete Timeline for Creating Believe Me

Ever wondered what it takes to create an independent film? Have a look at the complete timeline of creating Believe Me as I detail every big step of the process, over nearly five years, from story idea to DVD release.

The Complete Timeline for creating Believe Me

Some Thoughts at the End of the Timeline

I hate to be cheesy, but it was really a special thing to walk down memory lane, looking back through old emails, documents, photos, etc. to find these dates. With any big project, at the beginning I seem to always take for granted how many steps are ahead of me and how long they will take. Looking back, I realize how much I’ve taken for granted the fun, meaningful times in my life that came out of the project.

To those of you that have walked through Believe Me with us, thanks so much for your support through the years. It’s made the whole thing so sweet. To everybody, notice that there’s one remaining future date on the timeline: March 3. When it arrives, plan on going out to Wal-Mart, Target, or Amazon to pick up the Believe Me DVD.

Think we missed a key moment? Is making a movie easier or harder than you thought? Add your comment below.