Thanks for the Love

Happy Valentine's Day from Riot Studios

In the spirit of an upcoming Valentine’s Day, we asked you to tell us if, and why, you love Believe Me. You answered, and thus left us no choice but to tell you we love you more! We also wanted to share some great posts we found.

A Few of Our Favorites

I think Tyler said one of my favorite lines that I LOVE. “What’s a Calvinist doing in a buffet line anyway?” It gets me every time.

— Logan from Dallas (via email)

You’re Still the Best Part

We’ve had a lot of exciting things happen since the release: a centerpiece world premiere at Dallas International Film Festival, featured articles in nationwide press, good reviews including a New York Times Critics’ Pick, top 10 in multiple categories on iTunes and other popular platforms.

All that stuff pales in comparison to the interactions we’ve had with people in person, through email, and on social media. Every time we hear about the things in our films that make you laugh and think a little deeper about life, it’s like winning a little mini-oscar.

Again, thanks for the love. We have the very best families, friends, and fans in the galaxy. Fight to defend your title, and we’ll fight to keep making great movies for you!