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What is Riot, and why would I care*?

Riot Studios is the team of filmmakers behind movies like Believe Me, Beware of Christians, and the new short, The Get Together. As we learn how to make this stuff, we’re also putting out fresh content to help you succeed in filmmaking, creativity, and business.

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Every Thursday, we release a podcast about filmmaking, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Listen in as we share valuable discussions about how to break in and make your mark on the movie industry.

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18: Year in Review and What's Ahead

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Every Monday, we release a new article about filmmaking, creativity, and the latest news at Riot. Join us as we share valuable discussions about ours and others experience making a living in filmmaking and other creative fields.

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We just released a new, 10min short film called “The Get Together”. See it now for FREE

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