Alex Carroll



A graduate of the McDonough Business School at Georgetown University, Alex Carroll translated his business acumen into four successful start-ups before jumping into the dynamic and notoriously challenging film industry. A former college football player, Alex parlayed his trademark ferocity into the creation of a unique and successful distribution model used for “Beware of Christians that resulted in 176 shows nationwide. Alex is the lead producer for “Believe Me.”

Michael B. Allen

Writer / Producer

Michael Pic

The Swiss Army Knife of Riot Studios, Michael B. Allen has served in roles both creative (writing, producing) and technical (web development) while also contributing original music to previous films. Equally artistic and analytic, Michael provides integral balance to the Riot universe. After starring in “One Nation Under God” and “Beware of Christians,” Michael moved on to co-write “Believe Me,” for which he serves as co-producer and on-set script supervisor.

Will Bakke

Writer / Director


Will Bakke is an award-winning filmmaker and the director of “Beware of Christians” and “One Nation Under God.” While still in college, Will was hired by MTV to write and develop a comedy series that landed him on the prestigious “Top 25 Filmmakers on Campus” list presented by MTVU. Based on the strength of his two documentaries and a burgeoning cult following from his sketch comedy shorts, Will secured an international distribution deal for his films and has seen them accepted in over seventeen festivals worldwide. Will is the co-writer and director of “Believe Me.”



Beware of Christians

It took a couple years of college for Alex, Matt, Michael, and Will to realize that the Jesus of the Bible doesn’t look exactly like the healthy, wealthy, American Jesus they’ve grown to know and love.

In Riot Studios’ second film, the guys hop the pond and travel to cities like Paris, Barcelona, and Munich, wondering how Jesus would act in modern situations like fitting in at a party, shopping at the mall, or taking a girl on a date. Their journey across Europe, often a comedy of errors, includes a lost passport, an encounter with an Austrian pop star, a surprise discovery of a nude beach, and a romantic postcard entanglement. More importantly, the four guys capture real, honest discussions about what following Jesus looks like in the 21st century.

One Nation Under God

The first Riot Studios production features four college-aged Christians who have grown up in the bubble of Christianity. But when Austin, Lawson, Michael, and Will realize their current faiths are based more on religious routine than genuine relationship, they decide to road trip around the United States and Canada for the summer in hopes of finding answers to their questions about God, purpose, and eternity.

They travel to the most important cities in North America – Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Toronto – among many others, seeking answers from folks on the street in hopes of building their own beliefs. Along the way, they encounter beach bums, hippies, suburbanites, a clown, and a congresswoman, each of whom offer unique perspectives on spirituality. When the friends reach the end of their journey, they conclude that the most important thing learned from the experience is to “never stop asking questions.”


We want to tell stories that compel viewers to challenge their beliefs, weigh the alternatives, and laugh while doing so. We aspire to make transparent and thoughtful art through film. We are Riot Studios.